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Jake Ellenberger vs Ben Saunder

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Jake Ellenberger vs Ben Saunder

Postby support » Jun 2. 2018, 07:04

Jake Ellenberger vs Ben Saunder full fight download


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Re: Jake Ellenberger vs Ben Saunder

Postby paupre » Jun 2. 2018, 10:01


I like both these guys but didn't like the fight when I hear about it as both guys have taken some heavy knockouts of late. Very active fight with both guys swinging with intent. It is a bummer to see Ellenberger lose but at least he didn't take any more trauma to the head, but I have experienced shots like that and they hurt for days afterwards. No idea where this puts Ellenberger as he definitely seems to be on a slide of late. Might be time to take some time off to consider things and decide if he wants to continue, I think he would make a good coach so maybe that is the path to follow.
Saunder's isn't in to bad of a slide although he has been winning a few then losing and when he has lost it has been by knockout. Still enjoying watching him fight but might be time for him to move on as well. Definitely fights for him and money to be made but unlikely he will be ranked any time soon. Definitely see a run for title contention out of his reach, so I guess it comes down to do you want to be a decent edition to a card fighting low level guys or move on to something else.

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Re: Jake Ellenberger vs Ben Saunder

Postby FLATLANDR » Jun 2. 2018, 10:37

A nice win by Killa B! I still think that his crazy southpaw range at 170 is a factor. Sad for Ellenberger, but I counted at least three hard knees to the head before the body shot. Thats three ko stoppages in a row for Jake. Maybe time to assume a coaching role and save whats left of that brain.
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Re: Jake Ellenberger vs Ben Saunder

Postby hippielove » Jun 4. 2018, 12:46

Beautiful liver shot:fb
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Good on you Ben.  :like
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