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How to lose fat (easy guide and FAQ)

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How to lose fat (easy guide and FAQ)

Postby kusok » Aug 9. 2010, 01:57

How to lose fat.

Step 1- Slowly and gradually reduce calories (aka. eat a little less) to lose 0.5-1 lbs per week.
Step 2- Lift heavy weights in the gym 3-4 times per week (2 days if you do lots of other training)
Step 3- Eat at least 1 gram of protein and 0.4 grams of fat per 1 lbs of your bodyweight daily.
OPTIONAL Step 4- Include some cardio (run, jump-rope, walk, bike, swim etc) as you wish.

The End. Success is 100% guaranteed.


Q. What is a basic way to reduce calories without counting them or knowing anything about nutrition?
A. Counting calories is THE fastest and best way to achieve any fitness goal you might have. I strongly recommend you count calories or at least ballpark (estimate) them. But if you refuse to count calories basic tip is to eat a high protein diet. Protein is more satisfying than carbs or fat, and you will thus be less hungry and thus eat less in turn losing more fat. Drink lots of water, and eat lots of vegetables. Those 2 things fill you up without many calories, and will trick your body into thinking you're full. And go easy on carbs and fat. You can also count up the calories once and then eat the same way or similar daily.

Q. How much weight should I aim to lose weekly and how many calories should I reduce?
A. Lose fat SLOWLY! DO NOT STARVE! You will lose muscle that way. DO NOT LOOK FOR FAST RESULTS! Fat loss is a SLOW road. Athletes who need to make a certain weight or chubby people can afford to lose weight quickly, maybe 1-2 lbs every 1-2 weeks, they WILL lose at least SOME muscle mass that way, but they can afford it. But normal people or already lean folks should aim for SLOW fat loss over 6-12 months period. If you're already lean DO NOT expect that last little bit of fat around your lower abs to disappear overnight unless you're willing to lose some muscle mass and possibly starve a bit.
So if you're chubby you can reduce calories by 500 daily from what you normally eat, **** your progress in the mirror or on a scale every 2 weeks or so and adjust your caloric intake and activity slightly from there.
And if you're already lean reduce only 300 or so and only on days when you don't train. **** your progress in a few weeks and slightly adjust as needed.

Q. Why should I lift heavy weights in gym?
A. To try to retain as much lean muscle mass as possible (lean muscle mass burns fat and makes you look and feel better and stronger). Without this step you will lose weight but will become skinny and weak. Make sure to follow a professionally designed lifting routine that corresponds to your goals such as SS (starting strength) for strength and for beginners, or Lyle McDonald's bulking routine for size etc. Google those.

Q. 1g/lb protein is a LOT of protein. That's 200 grams protein for a 200lbs guy. Why do I need so much?
A. During a caloric deficit one is at a greater risk of muscle catabolism, so a higher protein intake is needed. In fact many people notice better results from much more protein than that, up to 1.5g/lb (300 grams for 200 lbs guy)

Q. Why should I decrease how much I eat gradually? Why can't I just begin eating less right away?
A. Because you will lose muscle that way! Decrease calories VERY slowly, and make sure you can maintain your lifts. If you can't at least maintain the weights you did in the gym last time = you're losing weight too fast, and are losing muscle.

Q. I hate counting calories. Am I doomed?
A. Counting calories is THE easiest way to fitness. But if you refuse to count calories, create a diet by counting calories only once, and follow it daily. Or just "ballpark" your calories. Or make a simple formula for yourself and follow it. Example: 2500 calories per day goal, so 500 calories per meal, 5 meals (meal 1 Breakfast, 2 lunch, 3 dinner, 4 and 5 pre and post work-out meals), 50 grams protein at each meal. Easy to keep in your head!

Q. What tools are available to me to keep track of how much food I eat?
And there are phone applications ofcourse that models, bodybuilders and athletes use.
Also google FitDay.

Q. Why should I lose fat so slowly? Why can't I just go hungry for a few days and drop lots of weight?
A. Because you will lose lots of muscle, and slow your metabolism to a crawl where your body will be working extra hard at storing fat thinking it's famine time.

Q. Is cardio (running, bike, swim etc) needed to lose fat?
A. No. Cardio is just another way to create a caloric deficit. Burning 300 calories by 15 minutes jogging is exactly the same thing as eating 300 calories less without any cardio. Cardio is good idea still. It stimulates your metabolism to burn fat faster, it increases your endurance, it "teaches" your body to put calories into muscles rather than store them as fat etc.

Q. This one jacked dude in my gym says not to eat carbs at night. Is he right?
A. No, he is wrong. In a caloric deficit one will lose weight wether one eats carbs at night or not. Nutrient timing is over-rated. If you're an athlete simply surround your work-out with carbs and protein (for energy and recovery). But even there it's not always so simple, some people train better in a fasted state.

Q. Should I avoid fruit because it contains fructose when I'm trying to lose fat?
A. No. Fructose replenishes liver glycogen, and hydration of the liver cells plays a major role in anabolic/anti-catabolic signaling. Contrary to a popular belief fructose also replenishes muscle glycogen, only less. Fruit is unique, nutritionally dense, but calorically not so dense. It's good stuff.

Q. Why are low carb diets popular?
A. Because people are foolishly afraid of a hormone called insulin which is released when you eat carbs. Many noobs think insulin is responsible for fat storage, but it isn't. Fat can be stored independently of insulin anyway. Also, on low carb diets people lose 10lbs or so of water weight, making it LOOK like they lost fat. Lower carb intake also usually results in higher protein intake without a person realizing it (a person rejects an apple due to fear of carbs and thus elects fish or something). Protein is more satiating, and the person thus starts to eat less total daily calories without realizing it, thus in turn losing even more weight.
There are of course people who get bloated and sleepy after eating carbs. Those people have poor sensitivity to carbs (aka poor insulin sensitivity) and tend to feel and look better on lower carb and thus higher protein and fat diet.

Q. I'm chubby. Is a low carb diet for me?
A. Only if you have poor insulin sensitivity (getting tired after a high carb meal, sudden energy crash after eating carbs)

Q. How much fat should I eat?
A. Take your bodyweight (in lbs) and divide it by 2. That is a normal fat intake (in grams) for the day. It is not recommended that anyone consume less than 0.4 of their bodyweight in grams of fat longterm (so 60 grams of fat is minimum for a 150lbs person, 80 grams is minimum for a 200 lbs person etc. Many people feel much better on a lot more fat than that! Even up to 1g/lb, experiment on yourself)

Q. Kusok you suck man! Why should I eat that much fat?
A. Because fat balances hormones. Don't mess with your hormones!

Q. Is coffee bad for you?
A. No. Coffee is good for you. (Assuming you don't drink 8 cups a day with creamers and 4 tablespoons of sugar in each one. Keep it at 2 cups per day maximum.) Moderation is key. And for SOME people coffee may not be the right drink (heart beating fast after coffee, skin quality decreases etc)

Q. I have hit a fat loss plateau and can't lose anymore weight no matter what. What's wrong with me?
A. Give it a couple of weeks. Fat loss is not always linear. Rest plenty, Work-out hard, eat well, and if after 2 weeks you're not losing even 0.5 lb then reduce calories a little bit more. Remember that after you lost some weight your caloric needs are lower, so now you need even less calories in order to lose more weight (And make sure your calories are not TOO low, or you will ruin your metabolism. Use this to get an idea:
Another popular strategy is to take a break from dieting for a week. Every 6 weeks or so, go ahead and bring calories back to maintenance, then go back to your 500 calorie deficit.
Or even just a refeed day every 5 to 10 days. See below.

Q. I have no energy when I diet. What's wrong?
A. You're either under-eating, over-training or under-resting, or under-sleeping. Or you may be depleted, you may need a re-feed or carb-up. It's when you eat more carbs once per week (perhaps 800-1000 extra calories from complex carbs while reducing fat and protein for that day). Or just a cheat meal, or full cheat day.
Also it may be because your fat or carb intake is too low.

Q. The sales guy in GNC told me I need a protein shake to lose weight. Is he right?
A. No. But a protein shake may help you meet your high protein requirements easily. Just remember to select a natural cheap kind such as NOW Foods Unflavored 100% Whey Protein Isolate (you order that online), or if you must have flavor go with something like ON Natural or MyoFusion, but some people get gas and aftertaste from such typical powders.

Q. Should I take a multi-vitamin?
A. You should eat a healthful diet. But can take a multi vitamin as insurance to prevent nutritional deficiencies.

Q. Should I take fat burners and other supplements?
A. Most stuff out there is marketing BS. Studies that support supplements are funded by the manufacturer of the supplement, where the manufacturer also sets up the study unfairly and unrealistically to make his supplement appear to work. Supplements that work are vitamins, bone building minerals (calcium/magnesium), protein powder, creatine, fish oil, and a couple of more things.

Q. This personal trainer guy I know told me to eat 6 small meals per day, is he right?
A. No, he is wrong. Meal timing and frequency got NOTHING on calorie balance.

Q. I heard on Oprah that one must avoid high GI foods!
A. GI index is dead. Forget about it. It's not worth your time.

Q. Do I have to do abs (sit-ups, crunches etc) to see my 6-pack?
A. No. Ab muscles are flat by nature and will not stick out no matter how hard you work them. 6-pack abs are result of low bodyfat. You can not spot reduce your bodyfat, you have to lose fat ALL OVER your body.
Work your abs, but only for general fitness, not for a 6-pack.

Q. At what bodyfat % will I begin to see my abs?
A. Visible lower abs without flexing start to appear at 10% bodyfat or below.
It is not recommended that anyone stays below 5% bodyfat.

Q. I look skinnier and skinnier, but still got some lower abs fat!!! Help!
A. For most people leanness comes with this price :( Remember, most people you see with a 6-pack weigh a LOT less than you think. But try to do your carb refeeds (see above), lift heavy low repetition free weights in gym. Don't do too much cardio. Rest plenty, maybe even back off your diet and training for a couple of days (don't pig out thou!) Eat steak, greens, drink lots of water.
If all else fails throw in some jump rope. Don't despair, I will have great tips for you in Part 4 "Weight lifting" on how to look your fullest and not too skinny while dieting. Here is one tip: don't neglect barbell exercises. Olympic free weight barbell has a reputation for helping people gain and keep muscle mass.
Finally remember, your fullness and muscle will come back a bit after you lose your fat and bump up the calories a little bit. Hang in there.
A great strategy is to take a break for a week. Bring calories back to maintenance, then go back to dieting a week later.

Q. What do I do AFTER I lost fat and am happy with my results?
A. Slowly bump calories back up to maintenance over a period of a week. Your maintenance calories is where you stay the same weight, to lose fat you probably ate about 300-500 calories below maintenance daily. Do NOT pig out or try to "bulk up" right away! Your body will pack on the fat really fast!

Q. Is it possible to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time?
A. Yes, but only for those who are new to exercise and are not very fit. It's called "noob gains". Your body undergoes dramatic changes and you can gain muscle and lose fat all at once. If you're already relatively fit it becomes harder and harder to do so. This is why most people prefer to choose a goal (gain mass OR lean out)

Q. Do I have to be in a caloric deficit to lose fat?
A. Yes, unless you're a beginner to exercising or have freak genetics. See the question above.


Remember! Human body is AMAZING at storing and keeping fat.

It will resist every trick, every diet, every gimmick, every supplement. Only steroids can alter nature quickly! Human body was made to store fat. And it doesn't want to carry muscle. Muscle is not practical, it needs nutrients and oxygen, it's not economical, it decreases endurance etc. So be PATIENT! Fat loss is a steady slow road. You want that 6-pack? Follow the steps above until you see it, it can take weeks, it can take months. But you WILL have it. Hope that was useful. Peace.
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Re: How to lose fat (easy guide and FAQ)

Postby A-ROCC » Aug 9. 2010, 02:03

perfect post. most important thing is the mind set though.

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Re: How to lose fat (easy guide and FAQ)

Postby kusok » Aug 9. 2010, 02:06

A-ROCC wrote:perfect post. most important thing is the mind set though.

Thas right! Mind allows you to train hard and to be positive and patient.

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Re: How to lose fat (easy guide and FAQ)

Postby Sasori » Aug 9. 2010, 02:24

I loved this post. Only question I got is should I go with a specific kind of fat? I don't know the names of the different ones in english. Like for example olive oil>butter.

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Re: How to lose fat (easy guide and FAQ)

Postby Mr. Yooper » Aug 9. 2010, 02:34

Excellent post. Easy to read and understand. Thanks Kusok.

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Re: How to lose fat (easy guide and FAQ)

Postby kusok » Aug 9. 2010, 02:47

Sasori wrote:I loved this post. Only question I got is should I go with a specific kind of fat? I don't know the names of the different ones in english. Like for example olive oil>butter.

Great and important question!

Realistically only trans fats are bad.

There is nothing wrong with fat from steak, chicken, milk or anything else assuming it fits into your calories and macros for the day. But fats with a particularly good reputation (poly and mono unsaturaded fats) are found in such foods as avocado, olive and sunflower oils, salmon, and nuts.

Remember thou, even the good fats have to fit into your caloric limits for the day!
I can't tell you how many times I have seen fat people stuff themselves up to the neck with nuts and avocados saying: "Well, this is good fat! So I'm ok!" :D

Nutrition guru Alan Aragon observes that in his experience it doesn't make an ounce of a difference on a person's weight or body composition wether a person eats the good (unsaturated) fats or the saturated fats more.

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Re: How to lose fat (easy guide and FAQ)

Postby senescal » Aug 9. 2010, 07:02

war kusok

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Re: How to lose fat (easy guide and FAQ)

Postby Theo » Aug 9. 2010, 07:47

Props for creating this thread. I will take the advice and see how it goes. :mrgreen:

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Re: How to lose fat (easy guide and FAQ)

Postby darrylwasyoung » Aug 9. 2010, 08:57

Best thread in the training area? For sure. Props Kusok.
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Re: How to lose fat (easy guide and FAQ)

Postby CCFan » Aug 9. 2010, 14:32

you the man kusok
cant wait for the next thread

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Re: How to lose fat (easy guide and FAQ)

Postby willyg44 » Aug 9. 2010, 19:24

Thanks a lot for the post Kusok. Started going at it weight training/exercising/dieting again recently, I let myself go over the past year and I'm so damn out of shape. This is a great help!!

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Re: How to lose fat (easy guide and FAQ)

Postby JudoRyu » Aug 9. 2010, 19:39

Damn you really nailed it on the head here kusok, ive never seen a more accurate fat loss article =]

Also, ECA
and winstrol :{

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Re: How to lose fat (easy guide and FAQ)

Postby Vespalaranja » Aug 9. 2010, 20:09

Epic post, thanks a lot. Usually when I feel chubby I just go on a MDMA rampage for a couple weeks, but I guess this is the healthy way to go about it! Hell I might even try it if I get my head around the calorie counting part, I got no discipline whatsoever on that aspect... Gotta get me an iPhone app for that.
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Re: How to lose fat (easy guide and FAQ)

Postby The Black Dragon » Aug 11. 2010, 13:54

Awesome post, but I have a question:

What's the best way to get that much protein in your system every day? I eat lots of white meat and beans, drink a protein shake and eat a protein bar once a day and I still doubt I'm getting that much in each day. Buying lots more protein shakes and bars gets expensive, so I'd like to avoid that route if possible.
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