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Mindsmash talking about sparring intensity (example Darren Till)

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Mindsmash talking about sparring intensity (example Darren Till)

Postby Robert223 » May 12. 2018, 03:45

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Re: Mindsmash talking about sparring intensity (example Darren Till)

Postby david97471 » May 13. 2018, 07:46

not to smart but good for the viewer who doesnt care about these guys after all the only way we know of theses guys is cuz there good.  maybe they wouldnt be if they trained safer.  Plenty of people do other stupid shit like headbutting each other and walls and kegs and what ever else no one cares cuz they are not entertainers so I look at it like that.   what someone wants to do that i dont know and never will know is up to them if i happen to enjoy watching them for a half hour four times a year great but at the end of the day they are no different than your cousin stew who likes to get into slapping contests on the local radio station or the guy who gets his buddies together and tries to recreate the wwf in there backyard with nasty mattresses and cheap conference tables and folding chairs.  I am not really concerned about either of there long term health prospects I will leave that to them to worry about.  I will just do my part and watch, so they can make some money and get a little fame which they have determined is worth the exchange so who cares right?

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