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Khabib turns down Ferguson offer

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Re: Khabib turns down Ferguson offer

Postby jowayne » Jul 29. 2017, 01:43

i smell chicken , yellow belly khabib worried he will lose that perfect record . get him a pink suit ,yellow stripe down hes back ,and maybe some high heels and lipstick .

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Re: Khabib turns down Ferguson offer

Postby mgc » Jul 30. 2017, 17:27

come on guys, the guy nearly ended his career from a bad weight cut, and just fasted thru ramadan. give the guy a break, he's not saying he can't or won't fight t-ferg, he just needs to do it right. i'd rather wait an extra month and see the fight we all wanna see, than see him rush it and show up looking like death and gassing after 2 rounds. the dude fucked his liver and kidneys, and it wasn't from steroids, they'd have made it easier for him to make weight the 1st time. too much hate coming from fans, i don't get it. why would people want to see an unprepared fighter fight? i know i don't want to see it, i wouldn't want to see it if it were the other way either, i want both guys in shape so we see the best fight possible.

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Re: Khabib turns down Ferguson offer

Postby Axel40 » Aug 4. 2017, 09:13

Likely the Biggest fight of his career, As in, the biggest payday..
He tried and failed to make weight. It is what it is.  
The Man has to move up, I think the proof is in the ..pudding  :like
If you "Nearly die" making weight then you have to retire or move on the f**k up!

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