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How To Work Out Less And Still Look Younger!

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muga mushin
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How To Work Out Less And Still Look Younger!

Postby muga mushin » Jun 17. 2014, 11:36

Steve Holman, author and creator of the F4X Workout Plan and the book, Old School, New Body, was the editor-in-chief of the Iron Man Magazine, a leader in the fitness magazines for many years now. He has met and worked with the most professional of gym and fitness trainers, and along with his wife, Becky, developed a work out plan that is healthy, time saving, and can make you look a decade younger than you are. It is specifically targeted for individuals aged 35 and up (but is recommended for any age), and is guaranteed to show a difference in just a matter of days!

The book is compiled of information that has appeared in Iron Man over the last several years, and of knowledge gained from working with professional fitness trainers that have trained the best of the best, like Clint Eastwood, Carl Weathers (Apollo Creed from the Rocky movies) and Suzanne Summers. The book includes workouts, a nutrition plan, and action steps to take in order to start the process. This is an intense but time-saving and healthy way to slow down the aging process, build and shape muscle, and become healthier.

This workout program is built similarly for men and women. Steve and his wife Becky swear that men and women can, and should, work out in the same way. No need to work out separately or do different exercises.

There are 5 common mistakes to avoid if you want to slow down the aging process and achieve your dream body:

1. Stop The Diets! Stop eating those low-fat foods that keep being advertised as “healthy” for you. Your body needs fat in order to run correctly! Healthy fats are necessary to regenerate your power hormones! For example, testosterone -the strength hormone- is a direct result of cholesterol and dietary fat intake! You need these fats and cholesterol to make all of your hormones so it is important not to cut all of them completely out of your diet! Also, if you’re constantly counting all those calories and eating only low fat, you cannot enjoy eating out! Worrying yourself to death will definitely not make you look younger.

2. Quit your crazy long cardio workouts! – Cardiovascular conditioning can be achieved in far less time and with less effort than those long gym classes and hours on the treadmill. In fact, running on the treadmill and other long bouts of cardio work outs can actually accelerate the aging process by increasing free radicals in your body and there are far smarter ways to exercise.

Free radicals are like robbers that are deficient in energy. They attack and snatch energy from the other cells to satisfy themselves. Exercise releases free radicals, but when you exercise for a short amount of time, a smaller amount are released and the body can take care of them and prevent damage. But when you do long, extended work outs, free radical damage is out of control which speeds up the aging process!

3. Stop blaming everything on your age! Studies have shown that even people in their 90s have been able to gain muscle tone in less than a month with some lifting exercises. People can change their bodies at any age, from 25 to 95! You should constantly challenge yourself because it’s the challenge and the constant work towards improvement that keeps you young! And what better challenge is there than staying fit and healthy?



You CAN feel young again

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4. Drink More Water! Water not only hydrates you and keeps you healthy-it also helps to burns fat! Water suppresses hunger and keeps your liver and kidneys healthy. Just drinking a dozen ounces a day will drop years from your face by keeping your skin hydrated and healthy! Fun fact: Your liver is the number one fat-burning organ. When you are not drinking enough water, your kidneys stop working and your liver takes over. Do you really want your liver processing water instead of burning fat? Of course not! So start drinking and keep drinking that water to keep everything in your body functioning as it should!

5. Work out LESS! Steve and Becky are not saying to stop working out. They are just saying that you should go by the old-school resistance training instead of the hours upon hours of cardio classes like spinning and kickboxing. This resistance-training program includes just four specific exercises that will have you done with your workout while others at the gym are just warming up!

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Re: How To Work Out Less And Still Look Younger!

Postby pjnichols72 » Nov 9. 2014, 09:48

Tagging this to **** out later. At 42, I definitely feel I'm doing better than I was 10 years ago but always looking for good advice.

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Re: How To Work Out Less And Still Look Younger!

Postby dimas » Oct 29. 2015, 19:58

trying out the water thing...

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Re: How To Work Out Less And Still Look Younger!

Postby Gogh » Oct 29. 2015, 21:21

in general looking young means lean and toned body/face. this is accomplished by burning more energy than youre consuming. in other words you cant just eat whatever you feel like. ive heard this for years and i completely agree: maintaining a healthy weight is 20% working out and 80% diet

also important to note, water is uber important because when youre burning fat, the wastes that come from metabolizing fat are excreted from your body mostly through your urine. so to put it simply...drinking a lot of water helps you to pee out fat (if youre burning fat)
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Re: How To Work Out Less And Still Look Younger!

Postby GODHAND » Oct 31. 2015, 02:39

Does this help with your sex life too ?

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Re: How To Work Out Less And Still Look Younger!

Postby kramer » Nov 15. 2015, 10:20

Actually being fat makes you look younger. It's stretches out those wrinkles, au naturale.

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Re: How To Work Out Less And Still Look Younger!

Postby Loki » Apr 8. 2016, 06:07

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As rants go, this was a pretty good one.

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Re: How To Work Out Less And Still Look Younger!

Postby MMAccount » Apr 8. 2016, 12:25

What do you mean, work out less?


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Re: How To Work Out Less And Still Look Younger!

Postby NoeOgan » May 24. 2016, 05:29

im going to take some extra water and keep my body away from feeling hunger..the for most thing on my weight loss plan

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Re: How To Work Out Less And Still Look Younger!

Postby koscheckbob » Jul 10. 2016, 15:20

If you want workout less and look younger take cold showers which promotes more brown fat cells.

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Re: How To Work Out Less And Still Look Younger!

Postby sabo » Aug 13. 2016, 17:48

Its takes very little to get in shape. I just do little things thought the day, a few push ups here, I might squat as I walk around the house to engage more muscles, etc... Just doing some little things every day you will see improvements quick. ~

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