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How many train ?

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Re: How many train ?

Postby f-train » Nov 30. 2016, 12:00

Was training 4-5 days a weeks for 9 years and got my 2nd degree BB in TKD and also training in BJJ. After my 5th knee surgery it was time to slow down to about 1-2 days a week. I even got to train with Bill Superfoot Wallace.

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Re: How many train ?

Postby 165grNosler » Nov 30. 2016, 14:51

Robert223 wrote:
angst wrote:
D-MMAN wrote:What a hard guy

Have fun with your injuries man. Even the pros take rest days, its essential for physical and mental development. Your body needs time to rebuild, and the brain to recharge

to get pro they train everyday. rest day every week ot every two weeks is ok but otherwise it's just training. if you have another sporting hobby-say soccer or athletics then you dont have to train fighting specific sport cos you're working your cardio.

training carefully and controlled even when being pushed helps towards injury prevention and knowing your training partners of course. for your brain training should essentially be a relaxed yet alert state of mind.

3 day training (twice a day with a possible mini workout in between) 1 day off or 5 days training 2 days off always worked best for me. If you train 2 weeks straight at a high level you're not getting much out of it imo.

Days off should be active though.

Agree with the above, you have to cycle on and off same as with your supplements.

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Re: How many train ?

Postby regal250xl » Dec 17. 2016, 12:38

at 68 years old I still train bjj at least twice a week, but find it is a lot harder to recover from injury.  I've been training though for over 40 years in different styles and this is part of my life....for as long as I'm able

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