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Eddie Alvarez Claims He Punked Nate Diaz To His Face, And Nate Did Nothing

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Re: Eddie Alvarez Claims He Punked Nate Diaz To His Face, And Nate Did Nothing

Postby 770 » Feb 2. 2018, 06:43

Synergy wrote:
770 wrote:For some reason, I can't stop thinking what a great match-up Khabib vs Nate, would be. That fight would be awesome :c

Nate isn't a 170, he is a 155 & a middle of the pack 155 as during his prime the top 155'ers had no issues beating him. He wasn't even in the title picture at 155 when he fought Conor.
 The UFC and Rogan just pretended he is a 170 after he beat their cash cow in McGregor. The only reason that fight was at 170 is coz it was a short notice fight and Nate didn't have time to cut weight.
      As for Khabib vs Nate, that would be a joke of a fight. Khabib would have little trouble rag-dolling Nate to the floor and then destroy him there as numerous 155'ers have done over the years.

I have to disagree there. I think Nate is as much of a 170 now as McGregor is a 155 now. Neither one of those guys has an easy weight cut at their prior weights. I don't think Nate would be an easy fight for Khabib at all. Apart from Khabib's last fight, he's done nothing to lead me to believe he's the killer of the division. I think there's a huge amount of hype surrounding him at the moment.
I don't get it. I'm still a bit skeptical about the last couple of fights he has pulled out of. There' more to it, maybe even some of those Russian anabolics :lol: 
Anyways, if he gets a red panty night with McGregor, he will definitely have his hands full. Johnson rocked him, so I expect Conor will KO him ;)

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