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Khabib’s Camp Hints To Retirement Plans

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Re: Khabib’s Camp Hints To Retirement Plans

Postby Kizzo » Feb 5. 2018, 14:45

Synergy wrote:seems I am correct as expected.

a small fortune

a large amount of money:
You'll have to spend a small fortune in legal fees if you decide to sue for compensation. ... ll-fortune

Nope. You're still WRONG, dopey.


Don't see $100 million anywhere there, do you?

Synergy wrote:Didn't claim they were facts, just stated that many people believe that Fedor was already past his prime when those losses came.

Many people also believe in God. Some believe in many gods. Doesn't make it true is what I was saying.

Synergy wrote:Nobody claimed anything about his opponents. It would be like me claiming the Anderson Silva who lost to Bisping was the same Silva destroying the UFC MW division. So does that mean Silva was an average fighter at best as Ping is hardly a top MW.

You were trying to say Fedor lost because it was due to him not being in his prime rather than his opponents being better than him. Unfortunately, for the Fedor nuthuggers, you're wrong. And you're still trying to say the same thing, but you are just now trying to use Anderson losing to Bisping as an example which is kind of desperate move on your part. Anderson suffered two TKO/KO's BEFORE he faced Bisping. Fedor suffered two TKO/KO's TO Big Foot & Hendo. See the difference? Unfortunately, your argument that Fedor lost to Werdum, Big Foot, and Hendo because Fedor was no longer in his prime holds no water. Also, not to forget to mention there is a chance Fedor wasn't able to be on PED's for the Werdum, Big Foot, & Hendo fights like he was in Pride. So PED could be a better excuse than the excuse you are using now for Fedor why he lost. You should you use that excuse instead. Just saying.

Synergy wrote:I put a lot more weight in his remarks than a nobody called Kizzo. At least he knows and speaks to Conor.

I was only saying Conor's chance of coming back was higher than Ronda's because you failed to prove that Conor has less options than Ronda. I didn't say him coming back was guaranteed. :lol: Him coming back may have nothing to do even with Khabib. Btw, Dana isn't Conor. Conor's the one who's going to make that decision. You are a retard if you believe whatever Dana says.

Synergy wrote:Seems your confusing your OPINION with facts.

Never said they were facts, dummy.

Synergy wrote:I'd say its around the same, as I can see Ronda coming back Brock style for a big money fight against an opponent with limited standup that she can beat. On the flip side I can see Conor running to retirement with the though of Khabib making his tap like a kid. So from my perspective, the chance is around the same.

LoL. You just said that you only see it as the same as Ronda if Khabib wins. And you don't even know that if Conor will fight Khabib or not. So it's not the same. Since you even admitted Conor has options of fighting Nate, GSP, & Ferg so he's got more options than Ronda. Not to forget to mention he didn't lose like Ronda. So Ronda is in a lessor negotiation position than Conor.

So yeah, there's a much higher chance of Conor coming back than Ronda because he's got more options than Ronda. For example, Conor could challenge for a title or money fight like GSP (who didn't have a loss when he asked for MW title shot). Ronda's only chance of is getting a money exhibition fight. She used up her title fight with Nunes.

Synergy wrote:Your just a Conor nuthugger, your not Conor, so your opinion on Conor means next to nothing. All we know is Conor isn't fighting and his boss just stripped him of the belt and doesn't believe he is coming back. And I fully expect those criticisms to remain as he ducks Khabib.

And you think your OPINION on Conor means anything? :lol: 
Synergy wrote:Though I kind of hope he comes fights Khabib as it would be funny to watch him rag dolled for a couple of rounds and tap once again.

Atleast, Conor didn't duck the UFC.  ;)  Frodo ducked, but fate still caught up with him.  

Still got fucked by a UFC fighter. :c You can run, but you can't hide.


P.S. What's Fedor reaching for near the end of this gif? ^^ God?

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