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GSP Flagged by USADA!

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Was GSP Ever on 'Roids?

No way, those were just the haters talking.
Yes, he knows how to cheat the system.
Bro, don't be naive. Everyone is taking something.
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Re: GSP Flagged by USADA!

Postby Kizzo » Nov 7. 2017, 16:10

TheDemon305 wrote:....

^^ TheSemen305?

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TheDemon305 wrote:Oh yea wheres that karma for innocent children born with aids because their mother was a crackhead, slut etc? Wheres that bullshit karma during the holocaust? What about karma for all those that got lynched etc? Foh with your karma bs. Anyway, GSP will smash Whittaker.

That's called bad karma for the kids based on the actions of their crackhead mothers. Germany is fucked. Minorities are boasting karma is coming back to whites in terms of their own genocide and whites set to becoming the minority in their own countries (Europe, USA, etc.). Seen plenty of karma in UFC (e.g. Ronda, Silva, etc. get a taste of their own medicine). So foh with your bullshit biotch. And get GSP's **** out of your mouth, faggot. :lol: Whittaker is going to whoop GSP's ass. If not Whittaker, Woodley will knock GSP out so cold that Georgie boy won't have time to tap out to strikes like he did against Serra.  :lol:  
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