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Eulogy for **** Liddell's carreer.

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Postby marky665 » Apr 23. 2009, 11:53

**** has had a good career and no one can slate him for what hes done for the sport, I have alot of respect for him, he did well in his fights and in his prime was good.

Now it is time for him to step down though but you cant hate him!

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Postby mjusty » Apr 23. 2009, 16:39

Virus wrote:
kusok wrote:
Aggression wrote:yeah I remember LOLing when I first heard those interviews.


UFC's Liddell = Pride's Crocop, a big-mouthed spoon-fed fan-favorite due to his connections and HL reel KO style, in cahoots with management and promoters, who lost plenty of times at his own game, and was constantly shoved down our throats by hype as the "legend" #1 and "superstar"... f**k LIDDELL :)

haha, crocop = liddell thing is actually kinda true.

I hate you fuckin fedor fans. And not because i dont like Fedor, its just you make him out to be unbeatable and hes definetly not. I will laugh so fuckin hard when he meats somebody at his skill level and gets his ass kicked. In about two years lesner will tear through his ass and so will shane carwin haha cant wait.

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Postby 770 » Dec 5. 2017, 07:04

Gogh wrote:
hawaiianboi67 wrote:Fedor again...... Anderson Silva thread and Fedor comes up. **** liddell thread and fedor again. Who is doing this? lmao...

kosuk is the biggest dildo on the site.  he derails every thread to say the same things about fedor

this thread is about paying your respects to **** because he has done a shit load for the sport and his time has passed - these are fucking facts.  everyone is being all cool and talking about how **** is great then bam, here comes kosuk to put down **** and try to show how he is a joke for wanting to fight fedor. god help us if someone says a fighter other than fedor is great

f**k you kosuk.  get a fucking life and go get some meds to help you with your gay fedor obsession


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